Location: St. Barts

After a full day of surfing and a night out on this little yacht town we were all ready for a relaxing day. Alex killed it this morning with a delicious meal of fried and over-easy eggs with bomb hash browns. Below there is a picture of this pro chef at work during the wee hours of the morning. After an OCE class we all pursued our different methods of relaxation-taking naps on the boat, walking around town hitting up the surf shop and ice cream parlor, and being beach bums. I headed straight for the beach and plopped down on my towel with my book-The Lightening Thief. I’m pretty sure the targeted audience is 10 year olds but everyone loves a good fantasy novel. When beads of sweat started dripping down my forehead I grabbed my goggles and dove into the turquoise water. A great array of coral fish (sergeant majors, parrot fish, angel fish, damsel fish) hugged the rock cliffs penetrating the surface. I kept swimming along the rock ledge until I reached a giant boulder and then turned back around. Upon returning to shore I laid back on my towel and stepped back into the world of Percy Jackson. Alex and Shanley then walked up with a box of…blueberries! They were delicious-cold, round, blue, and juicy. We enjoyed a beach picnic under the sun and then Ryan showed up to, of course, catch some rays. After a wonderful afternoon of laying and swimming I walked around town and then stumbled a mango smoothie and some sushi rolls (with avocado!) and edamame. Everyone reunited at 6 for our daily squeeze question and determined what Disney character everyone is. Alex and Ryan killed it yet again with an eggplant chicken lasagna. Now we are going to go have so much fun (practice funs…) and eat cookies. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve!