Location: underway

So it was a great day at sea. Watch one hit 5000nm for the entire trip on their 12-3 am watch, which was a momentous mark, though most of us were sleeping soundly. Good winds have kept us sailing all day and everyone yearning for borrowed helm time. I’m still waiting for someone to break my record of 11.1 knots, though! We had one of our last MTE classes today, which is sad, but it has gotten the crew fired up for our final NavMaster test coming up soon. OCB followed, and then some bucket shower time. Kevin and the crew made us some yummy and spicy chili. We had an early squeeze at 5:15, where I asked about everyone’s bad habits they have or want to give up after a day of trying to pass along the good habit of trying to give at least three compliments a day. With that said, Argo, you are beautiful, and I love the way you sail.