Location: underway

It is the eleventh day of this truly amazing passage. Though seemingly long, we are accustomed to a great rhythm of life onboard Argo. Days blend together, and what separates them most is the sunrise and sunset. The evening and early hours of the morning have been bright as the day lit up by the moon. We carry out our watches on three-hour shifts on a continuous basis, with lunch and classes running from 12-3 pm. An OCE quiz and review followed by a Blue Planet documentary were penciled in for day 73. The ocean and sky are typically presented as blue, but take a closer look, and so many colors, shapes, sounds, smells, and tastes can be experienced at any moment. Just like the full moon has already started to fade away, this voyage is gradually coming to an end by the day. The tradewinds are allowing us to sail around 7-8 knots. Thank you.