Location: Underway to Gili


Everything onboard Argo seems to be gaining momentum as the day’s whip by. It occurred to me today, amidst yet another boat check, that the engine room is no longer a foreign land; long gone are the days of cringing at the sight of the heads. My bunk, all three by 8 feet of it, is as much my home now, like the one I left sixteen days ago. It seems as though what used to be a daunting looking spreadsheet full of boxes to check off and tasks to conquer is now no more terrifying than brushing my teeth or falling asleep. Today was a smooth one with no hiccups and lots of laughter. Dolphins played in our wake, and we gorged ourselves on delicious BBQ chicken. Over a beautiful sunset and a delicious meal, it truly hit me that we have become a family, and Argo has become home.