Location: Mackay, Australia

Once upon a time, there was a crew who went on a long journey. There was this girl named Lindsey, who was the best kid on the whole entire trip. She was definitely the coolest kid in school. And there was a girl named Mina who was trying to write a blog, but privacy is impossible on a boat. Back to this journey…this fearless crew started the journey in French Polynesia and dreamt of the day they would reach their final destination of Australia. Today that day came, just after midnight, we arrived. The crew was awoken earlier than normal and scattered to clean their bunks in preparation for the quarantine and customs officers who arrive way too early. We had a hearty breakfast since we were trying to get rid of as much food as we possibly could. After stuffing our faces, we had a rather odd cleanup; we did dishes in the sink. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, its weird for us to do dishes in the sink. The quarantine officer had a more extensive tour of Argo than we did when we got on the boat. He went through every little storage space possible. We all had to layout anything we wanted to declare, like wooden items and jewelry, so mostly gifts for all of you who are reading this blog right now. All the while, the crew was trying to do our boat appreciation. We flaked the sails, put the sail covers on, then came the job of tackling all the salt that covered the boat. We sprayed everything down, soaped it up, then sprayed it down again, and again, and again, and I think maybe one more time. We may have used a little too much soap because I swear we cleaned this baby at least four times. Everything down below was all good to go since we had prepared for quarantine and customs, so it wasn’t too hard of a BA. We then filled out our customs forms and had some free time, which we used to work on some of our final assignments. Maeve taught our final OCE class, and we watched Planet Earth: Ocean Deep for Miss. Carolyn’s class has some ugly fishies in it, but they’re still pretty cool. Since all of our food got thrown away, Captain Sam, Leah, and some of the gang went to pick up 12 pizzas for dinner. Those pizzas were gone before you could ask what toppings there were. After dinner, we got some shore time and explored the marina. It was a successful day if I do say so myself, and I cant wait to see more of this continentG’ day mates.