Location: Mackay, Australia

Once more unto the breach, my friends, once more. With prompt wake-ups, the efficient Argonauts rallied for an action-packed morning full of jovial and efficient classes, presentations, and tests. And yes, it was very efficient. With hard-bitten determination, our intrepid travelers stopped traveling and sat for a superb student leadership class, where diligent discussion and debate were held regarding the formation of our group. The admirable audacious adventures advanced assuredly into their Emergency First Responder examinations effortlessly, saving the lives of manikins named Annie. They fearlessly tackled the multitude of multiple-choice questions thrown at them. Unhindered by the plethora of life-saving knowledge they were asked to recall, the daring dubious dynamic dangerously proceeded into a dervish of how-to-presentations. All four presentation lessons were assimilated into our growing acclimation of prudent knowledge. Skiing, Rubix Cubes, cheering each other up, and deer skinning had all now become niches of familiarity, with which we are now all far too familiar. Next came our succulent lunch. Bamboozled by the breadth, width, and scope of ground we covered in just a few short hours, we replenished our bellies with an optional lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese. Free to explore the town of Mackay, the elusive Argonauts infiltrated the city and explored its wonders. Once they had seen all their eyes could see, their wallets could afford, and Internet surfed, they retreated back to the boat, and revelry was had around dinner, popcorn, and a movie known as White Squall. Eager for the next day of adventure, the Argonauts withdrew to their bunks and recharged for the new quests we shall embark upon.