Location: 28 26.81'S 34 15.03'E

We started today with great weather and calm seas, which was a welcome change from the past couple of days. During our 8-12 watch, my watch team (Seal Team 2) welcomed an exciting guest aboard Argo, Landbird. Although some crew members were of the opinion that this was a bad omen, his presence was largely enjoyed for the couple of hours that he was with us. By lunchtime, everyone had been made aware that prom would be happening tonight, as it’s our last night on the passage before we get to Richard’s Bay. After lunch, we had Oceanography followed by Seamanship, during which we watched another really interesting Irving Johnson documentary. I think I can speak for everyone in saying that deck showers were a high point of the day- they were much needed after two days of alternating even/odd 10-second head showers. I came close to freezing, but once the numbness set in, it was very refreshing. We also caught our first Wahoo today, which was very exciting and very tasty. Connor, Jon Luc, and Steph did a great job with taco night, and after clean-up, everyone will be getting into their black-tie attire for our much-anticipated prom.