Location: 27 32.88'S 36 32.24'E

With the wind increasing and the crashing waves increasing, we head into day 64 (maybe day 9 or 10 of passage, no one keeps count) with the intensity of sailing rough seas. With the wind around 30 kts and having gusts around 40 kts, we head to Richards Bay (with the wind coming from the direction we wish to go). We reached the 6000 nm mark today during lunch, which brought cheer, accomplishment, and also a sad realization that there is little left in our journey of a lifetime. The meals have been increasingly getting tighter and tighter as all 32 of us try to cram and squeeze into the cockpit, which actually helps from not being able to slide and roll around everywhere as you are being squeezed/ held in one position. Our true heading is 50 degrees more than our course overground, meaning that we are literally going sideways, which in our case actually beneficial because we are going sideways towards Richards Bay. We think we will arrive on the 19th; however, who knows as it could also be the 20th but also be the 21st (we don’t like to think about it. We don’t think about how long we have been on passage and how long until we arrive because they are always changing, and the answer might scare you as time seems not to exist, as days roll into the next not noticing the difference from yesterday and the day before that and so on).

P.S. The third photo is of Claire R. trying to log onto my phone and my phone taking a photo of her, though it was funny (I asked, she laughed and said it was ok).