Location: 28 17.94'S 38 19.92'E

Today watch team 1. My watch team started off the day on the 12:00 am to 4:00 am watch. Everything was going swimmingly until around 2:00 am when we saw three storms/squalls on the radar. Suddenly the sky was lit up by lightning. We woke up Ben, who decided we needed to take down the jib and put a reef in the mainsail. Just as we took down the jib, it started pouring. It was absolutely epic. We all worked as a team to put a reef in the mainsail, which entails lowering it slightly and making it smaller, so we don’t go as fast in high wind. We turned our watch over to watch team two at 4:00 am, and just as we did, it started to rain even harder than it was previously. Watch team three took over at 8:00 am and had the roughest weather we encountered yet; they had to put a second reef in the mainsail. At this point, waves were crashing over the bow, and whoever was on bow watch was getting drenched. I know this because I watched it happen from the hatch above my bed. It was absolutely hysterical to watch a wave wash over the boat and hear bow watch scream and cheer. After all of this, we had a lunch of veggie stir fry made by Mikayla, our head chef. Hey Mom, remember I told you I didn’t get seasick? That was a lie. I puked today, but I’m so happy and having so much fun, so that’s all that matters. Supposedly the worst weather we’ve had to date we’ll be getting tonight around 12:00 pm, so wish us luck. We should be getting into South Africa in the next few days, and we’re all excited to see land again after what will be over ten days at sea.