Location: 28 06.01'S 41 06.05'E

Today was an eventful day as everyone continued to prepare for Argo Prom (tentatively scheduled for tomorrow evening!). The sea state calmed down as we entered the wee hours of the morning, which made promposals and cheffing alike much easier. The first promposal of the day occurred at the midnight hour as Hugh serenaded Claire Miller at mid-ships. All was quiet on the Indian Ocean as the morning watches rolled onward (save for a couple of tankers passing by), but the excitement ramped up at lunch with a whopping three promposals. Matt staged a fish-on-the-line scenario and reeled in a poster he made for Ana. Then Tina promposed to Ben with a choreographed flash mob dancing to the tune of “I Would Walk 500 Miles” (lyric edit: “I would sail 5720 miles…”) while she presented him with hot tea. I’m not sure how many days the hot-water maker’s been out of commission, but it feels like eons — hot tea is a luxury! To finish off the proposal line-up, Nick P. presented Charlotte with the back of his head, into which Claire Miller and I (Allie) had meticulously shaved “PROM?” the night prior.

In the afternoon, we had marine biology, in which we talked about intertidal zones and polar waters. That was followed by seamanship, where we discussed steering to the course. However, the navigational skills we were trying to learn were eclipsed by Carolyn’s promposal to Eric! She enlisted a couple of students to plot the letters P-R-O-M on the charts we were using, and once Eric realized something was up, Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” started playing in the salon as we all sang along. Yet another staff promposal occurred after dinner. Instead of doing our normal count-off, Simon prepped us all beforehand to each say a word of his promposal for Lindsay.

Other notable prom updates:
— Nick H. promposed to Caroline with a mandala he created by coding it on his computer.
— Alex proposed to me with a note on a Rubik’s Cube (definitely Argo’s signature puzzle/time-waster).
— Ellie proposed to Jack by decorating his bunk with outer-space-themed posters and lights.
— Grace proposed back to Henry with a scavenger hunt on the bow of the boat.
— Ally’s going to prom with BC!

Preparations continue — our theme is Atlantis, so underwater decorations are a must, and Greek togas might make an appearance. A prom playlist is being carefully created, and everyone’s getting hype! Hopefully, the weather cooperates, and the boat’s not too rocky on prom night. Fingers crossed!

Hi Mom! Say hello to The Bean for me! Love you.