Location: 28 13.01'S 43 21.97'E

This morning Watch Team 3 cruised Argo towards South Africa as the sun rose behind us at around 5:30 am. It was rose-like. We had the diligent Hugh and Ellie on bow watch, keeping a close eye out for any 340-meter freighters that might “creep up” on us as Charlotte shared her sour cream and onion Ruffles and dried peaches as a side with underway breakfast. After a killer lunch of cheese and bacon flatbread, beautifully prepared by Ally and her team of sous chefs, the Salties attempted to wash dishes in rough sea state. Argo’s deck looked something like a kitty pool as Nick P, Jack, Ally, Connor, and Charlotte slid back and forth as Saltie water washed over them. Definition type 2 fun there. After lunch, we gathered in the salon for an Oceanography lecture about pollutants, followed by an hour-long study hall where we had the chance to catch up on Seamanship navigation homework and study for the upcoming Oceanography quiz and research projects.

*momentary aside; as I’m writing this from the comfort of the chart house, Argo took on a buttload of water as a wave came over the stern, and most of it went down the gophing hatch onto Caroline. All good, no danger, but very funny.

After study hall, we tentatively took showers on deck in the rough sea state. Some of us decided it’d be safest to through on our PFD tether over our swimsuits. Jules, of course, fell, but luckily, she managed to hang on. Several of us were slipping and sliding around the deck as we all claimed “soap on the bod” and fought for the hose. After our cold showers, we gathered in the cockpit for pork chops, pineapple chili, rice, and ratatouille underneath a rainbow, followed up with gooey brownies. Our first Agro prom-posal is set to go down at 20:00; Henry has made a waypoint on the navigation that says “Grace Prom.” (Henry would also like to give a shoutout to his Mom). We’re all doing swell.

Hi Dad, hi Aaron, love and miss you both!