Location: Underway to South Africa

As the sun rose this morning, it was rose like and clear that this day would be a turning point in our passage to South Africa. With the low-pressure system having passed way to the south of Argo, the winds have backed, and swells have changed direction. The winds are now blowing from the south-southeast bringing in the chilled air with swells coming in off our beam, making for a rolly ride. Many of the crew were grateful for the lee cloths and immersion suits that kept them from flying out of their bunks while trying to get some much-needed rest, while others simply opted to sleep on the floor (which is more comfortable than you would think). Gone are the days of smooth sailing for the rest of the semester, and we’re all adapting to keep doing our jobs with the increased motion of the vessel. After mustering for lunch at noon, the shipmates met in the salon for a marine bio class on the deep oceans followed by a leadership class. In leadership, the students did an activity where they compared how they saw themselves to how others perceived them by assigning traits that coincide with the Myers Briggs testing index types. After dinner and cleanup, we’re all throwing on warm clothes, foulies, and boots for another chilly, rolly night underway.