Location: Underway to Fiji

Hey Everybody!
I am happy to report that it feels like we’re all embracing the rhythm of passage – 4ams and all. I started today off with the sunrise watch, welcomed, of course, by the very best watch team (#3 baby!). Here on Argo, what we lack in any form of land or hard surface that isn’t constantly rolling, we make up for in wicked sunsets, thunderhead clouds, and schools of flying fish. A worthwhile trade, if you ask me. Days are beginning to blend into one another as we continue the never-ending watch-sleep-eat-watch-repeat cycle, so we’re appreciating the small things even more lately. Instant coffee and sunny mornings, for example, are my new best friends.

After downing some tofu scramble a la Gabe for lunch, the Argonauts gathered together in the salon for an epic round 2 of “to whale or not to whale” – a heated mock UN style debate over the very real balance of cultural preservation versus environmental eradication in a highly globalized world. With mediators keeping things orderly, we as a leadership class representing stakeholders with diverse goals came to a solid conclusion: the citizens of Bequia should be allowed to continue their culturally ingrained practice of whaling, with an imposed 2 whale per year limit, if they abided by the 5 year oversight period provided by the international whaling committee. Heck of a mouthful, right?

We continued the day as we do every day on the open sea, with deck showers followed shortly by dinner. Gabe brought it home again with some awesome ramen. For squeeze, I asked everyone if they were a plant, which one they would be. Felipe happily told the group he’d be a sunflower, while Ezra identified more with a Bonsai tree. Personally, I’m a fishtail palm kinda gal. To end it, I had everyone pay their neighbor a compliment, and we all felt pretty loved up by the end.

Signing off from the chart house, ready for 25 (ish? we’ll see?) more days just like these.

Your Loyal Skipper,
Giselle 🙂

Current position: 712.8841’S x 11700.9605’W

Mom, Dad, familia, I love you guys so so much! Friends at home, hi guys! You’re the best. I can’t wait to see you again!
Next time you hear from me, I’ll have crossed the whole Pacific. Yeeeeeww!! See ya on the other side!

1. Nat, Renee, and Riley about to down some ramen
2. Argo being Argo
3. Felipe, Riley, myself, and Bella from the world’s worst angle