Location: Direction Island, Cocos Keeling Islands

My day started at 12 am when watch team 2 got up for what might have been our last watch together. It was definitely the wettest/coldest weve been so far, but we were making really good time with three sails up and plenty of wind. Shoutout to Tina, Carolyn, Charlotte, Henry, Allie, Nick H., Elle, Jack, Jules, and Petey for being a part of the best watch team on Argo! Watch team 3 brought us into Cocos Keeling early in the morning, allowing everyone else to sleep in late until the start of BA (boat appreciation) at 10 am. Coming up on deck this morning, everyone was impressed by the sight of an island with no buildings, roads, or people. We were all super motivated to get our jobs done as efficiently as possible because the sooner we finished cleaning Argo, the sooner we could head ashore for our beach day and barbecue.

After a lunch of classy ramen, we finished up with BA and were ready to head ashore by 2 oclock. Thanks to the wind, it was a very wet dinghy ride, and we were all sufficiently soaked by the time we stepped ashore. The part of the island that were anchored off of is uninhabited, so apart from a couple of other sailors, we had the whole beach to ourselves. Everyone was super excited to get in the water again, and we all had a lot of fun swimming and exploring the island. Huge thanks to our chefs, who grilled over sixty hamburgers that made for a fantastic dinner on the beach.

When we got back to the boat, it was time for jump-in showers, which were very quick as it was pretty chilly tonight (several of us spent some time huddled by the engine exhaust vent on deck for warmth). After everyone was clean, it was time for squeeze, which concluded with a birthday cake for Lindsay. Cake aboard Argo is always fun because we eat it leaning over the side of the boat in order to keep the deck nice and clean. We also got a bit of a movie night started in the saloon before going to bed, so as of tonight, we are halfway through Good Will Hunting.

PS Hi Mom and Dad, we dont have a signal here, so Ill call you in Mauritius (20ish days)!