Location: 11 51.86'S 98 09.62'E

Today brought strong winds and huge rolls as we have our eyes set on Cocos Keeling. We had our largest rolls yet and spent most of the day sliding across the deck and holding on to hard points for our dear lives (all still safe!). We had CPR and first aid class, where we covered procedures of action when aiding an injured person. The passages seem to feel as if they are getting shorter and shorter, maybe because we are adjusting to passage life, or maybe we are mentally preparing ourselves for the upcoming two-week passage. The chefs, Lindsay, Jules, and Alex, certainly had a rough day in the galley. Everyone is looking forward to the beach BBQ on the island tomorrow evening. We arrive early tomorrow morning and may be able to catch a break from the intense rolling for a few days before fully embracing the rolls, weather, long night watch shifts, and everything in-between Cocos and Mauritius across the Indian Ocean.