Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast consisting of cereal. After breakfast we rocked into a clean up and prepared for OCB. After class was over we all had free time until 4:30. Some people went to eat and others hiked up to the fort on the mountain. It was real fun to get to sit inside an old fort and relax. After that we had optional lunch ashore. Pretty much everyone ate ashore. Some of us ate at a place called Mad Mongoose. This place has the best burgers that we have had on the trip so far. They also serve amazing desserts. I had chocolate ice cream with hot chocolate syrup on top. They also serve apple pie with vanilla ice cream. After lunch we came back to the boat to prep it for sailing tomorrow. After that we had probably the best dinner on the trip so far. It was cooked by Casey and it was chicken with rice and vegetables with peppers and salad. I loved dinner and we all had an awesome food fight after dinner. That was sweet, but we still had to clean it up. Then we had OCE class with Casey and watched the Deadliest Catch. Now we are waiting for the first American to ever solo sail around the world to come and chill and play guitar with us. All in all it’s been a glorious day!