Location: VandA Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

We finally made it to Cape Town! It’s crazy to think that 83 days ago, we were 31 strangers in Australia with no idea where Argo would bring us and how this journey would change all of us. Today we accomplished so much more than sailing across the Indian Ocean; it’s the fact that we did it together as a team that made it a real achievement. Today marks one week until the end of the program, and although we can not wait to see everyone at home, leaving Argo and the community we’ve built here behind seems so far from reality. Last night we all completed our last watches and watch team one (Hudson, Tim, Hans, Emma, Ethan, and Char) had the amazing opportunity to see GLOW IN THE DARK Dolphins riding the waves under the bowsprit for almost an entire hour, not to mention waking up a couple of friends to sing Christmas songs. At the same time, we sailed around the Cape Of Good Hope. Watch team two also got to experience some pretty cool things like seeing whales and an unforgettable sunrise over table mountain. As we pulled into Cape Town harbor, we all moved into our docking positions super smoothy as they are now second nature. Our last time sailing Argo was definitely a bittersweet feeling, but the seals welcoming us in with waving fins made us all smile. After a good breakfast of yogurt and granola and massive slices of watermelon, we jumped into some of the most gnarly Boat Appreciation (BA) tasks, such as… cleaning out trash water from the anchor locker, rust-busting everything in sight and inside every deck locker, as well as emptying the famously pungent grey water tanks. By the time we had lunch, we all felt accomplished at the very least and most likely smelled of either gasoline or rust-busting/degreaser, which made onshore showers that much better. After a long and HOT shower, most of us headed onto shore to do some exploring of Cape Town! There is everything here from quirky food markets to puppy petting/adoption centers and yummy smoothie places in-between. After we all hung out onshore for a while, we got back on board, ready for a yummy Mexican fiesta dinner prepared by Tighe, Kylie, and Tina. After dinner, the most chaotic squeeze ever occurred, only provoked more by the gelato-induced sugar rushes half off the crew was experiencing. After an equally crazy clean-up, we took our final marine biology exam! Tonight we are going to explore a little more around the harbor, and we can’t wait to eat some more delicious nom noms. See you guys in 7 days!!!

Peace up A town – Argo crew fall 2019
Hudson Flynn 🙂

Can’t wait to see you, Tana Flynn!