Location: Underway to Cape Town, South Africa

Hello, from the Atlantic Ocean!
Today was quite a momentous day for the crew of S/Y Argo: after setting out late last night for the final passage of the semester, we sailed through our seven-thousandth mile aboard our beautiful floating home. Looking back at who we were 7,000 miles ago, 82 whole days ago, brings a sense of accomplishment and joy because of how far we have come literally and interpersonally as a crew and as friends. There is nothing more insane than being able to recall a memory as cool as spotting your first shark or bracing gale-force conditions with 31 individual people. It is a privilege that will forever be completely indescribable.
Further into our 7,000 miles, we rounded the southern-most tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas, and entered into the second largest ocean on our planet: the Atlantic. The waters quickly turned a familiar green, as an east-coaster of the USA, and the temperature quickly gave way to a beautiful Antarctic chill: four whole layers kept me less than comfortable last night around 3 AM.
It is now 7:30 pm, after-dinner duties are wrapping up, everyone is digesting the edible cookie dough that head-chef Falk prepared for us for dessert, we are jibing to avoid becoming super familiar with “Danger Point,” and we are all basking in the wonders of the last 80 days of our young lives as we inch closer and closer to our final port of call, Cape Town. It is bittersweet. The sweetness lies in the memories that we now hold as a crew, the bitterness lying in the dreaded goodbyes, but I’m not going to get too deep into that right now because eight days is eight days. A lot can happen in 8 days aboard S/Y Argo, especially when you’re with 30 insanely unique and similarly crazy people that decided to cross an ocean instead of stick to their brick dorm rooms for another semester.

So here is to 8 more days of living, loving, and learning. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. I am forever in debt to you.
“Buy a donkey,” as they would phonetically say here in Africa.
– Kylie Poggio

Our furthest point South: 03503.72’S 02007.06’E

Current Coordinates: 03444.75’S 01926.82’E