Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Hello to all of our fans!!
This is Maggie speaking on behalf of the Argo crew. Today we all got our jobs for the day. I was skipper, and part of that job means waking people up at 7 a.m., but I didn’t have to do that today since the girls were already up doing yoga (taught by Jayda) and the guys either went for a run or just hung out on deck. Afterward, we all had a unique oatmeal bar and made pack lunches for the trip to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. However, before we got to go, we went through a little safety meeting, which didn’t feel like a meeting at all and was actually pretty fun (especially for the crew when we had to practice the Gumby suits). After this, we were off for the Gardens via 4 Ubers. Once we got there, Mimi and Calum gave us plenty of free time to explore. A couple of hours in, we all finally found each other again, some showed up with mud on their face, others exhausted from hiking up the mountain, and some from just relaxing on the grassy areas. Everyone shared their stories of all of their adventures, then we all enjoyed reading aloud the previous blog posts and seeing who was in what pictures. Once we got back, we had some free time and then got to experience some really fun high winds (especially for girls with their hair down). During free time, some went to the markets while others bonded over creating their authentic menus for when they get to be a chef on Argo. Finally, we all sat down for some amazing chili and potatoes then went through squeeze with wind and hair blowing everywhere. No matter the weather, everyone had fun bonding, and it feels like even on the 3rd day, we’ve known each other for a while. Lots of Love to everyone!! XO Maggie