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We started off the day with some french toast for breakfast made by one of the supervisors, Leoni — and students, Hannah and Katie. Following breakfast, we had our first day of class; three classes were done today, back-to-back-to-back. All classes were great; like Gregg said at the end of the day — when talking about highlights of the day — it was interesting learning about the history of marine science. It’s fascinating to see how fields of study progress from researchers working off of the hypotheses of others, influenced by disagreements. Tom, our captain, demolished Calum, our supervisor today in chess, who is still crying right now. Lunch was also fantastic today; we had chicken Caesar salad wraps. We also realized that there are goats chilling on the side of rocks near Vela. Meagan pointed out the goats last night, but nobody believed her. It’s pretty funny seeing the goats just chilling there.

Also, we had our first day of scuba diving. Though I heard from Jordan today that the water was pretty murky, an eventful moment happened when a starfish stuck to Anthony’s knee. While they were out having a good time, the non-scuba-certified students had to do an extremely long course of videos and quizzes to start getting certified. Will pointed out a whole lot of fish today and a green sea turtle. As annoyed as Andrejs and I were, I’d say we were all happy to get through it, and we all learned a lot. Everyone got a bit more talkative today, even though we were pretty talkative from seeing each other at the airport. We had a great time after dinner, where we answered the question on what our favorite marine animal was and why along with our highlights of the day. Nobody is sticking to one group when eating or when chilling on the deck. It’s nice to see us all comfortable with each other and having a good time. We had enchiladas for dinner that were perfect.

Photo 1: Goats
Photo: Photo of the mouth of Falmouth in the AM
Photo 2: On the boat
Photo 3: People chilling
Photo 4: Nice yacht parked next to us
Photo 5 + 6: Hanging out before dinner
Photo 7: Jordan mean mugging
Photo 8: View of Falmouth
Photo 9: Dinner
Photo 10: Vela’s mast