Location: Statia

Happy Thanksgiving from Ocean Star! Today, we started out with a lovely bagel breakfast, followed by our final oceanography lecture of the semester. I can’t believe it’s already gotten to that point. After our last class, most people went to shore, and an AWESOME select few * cough * Carolyn, Tor, Annemarie, Joaquin, Alex, Kaitlin, and I * cough* went on a lovely turkey trot up to the top of Statia’s volcano, the Quill. Annemarie thought we were supposed to dress up as turkeys for the trot and was confused when no one had any costumes. It was a beautiful view from the very top. We could see the entire island and Ocean Star in the anchorage. On the way back, Carolyn, Alex, and Kaitlin went to the grocery store for a few last-minute Thanksgiving items.

Tor, Annemarie, Joaquin, and I trotted back down to the dock and made our way back on board. Throughout the afternoon, everyone on board hung out for some Ocean Star family time. Some people did laundry, others cooked, and the whole time, we had the traditional Seamester movie marathon playing down below. It was so nice to get to hang out with everyone and have such an easygoing afternoon. Dinner was DELICIOUS! So many people helped out in the galley throughout the day, and we accumulated a wonderful variety of dishes, including sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salad, broccoli, pumpkin pie, and brownies. Carolyn even found a whole turkey at the store, so we had turkey, stuffing, and gravy! We all sat around with our good food and friends and took turns saying what we were thankful for onboard and back home. I think I speak for everyone when I say how thankful we are for everyone onboard this beautiful vessel, staff and students alike. We are all also so thankful for our families back home! We’ve all stuffed ourselves full this evening and are about to get ready for a night out. We wish everyone reading this a wonderful Thanksgiving!
>Much love, Ocean Star