Location: Statia

Today we dove the wreck of the Chien Tong, a Taiwanese vessel intentionally sunk in the mid-2000s. The ship was an oasis of reef life on an otherwise sparse sandy bottom with little but an invasive seagrass species. The highlights of the dive were a stingray, an enormous snapper, two turtles, and two juvenile reef sharks, which unfortunately only appeared after most of us had begun our ascent. After lunch, the scientist who dove with us to check on a study being conducted by the wreck talked to us about his experiences as Statia’s resident marine biologist. The afternoon consisted of more diving for several of us – the divemaster candidates practiced gear exchange underwater in the afternoon, and Caroline and Duncan did their navigation dives for their advanced certification. Before dinner, the rescue divers also had our last rescue scenario. Our rescue of Caroline and Cole went very well, with all of us involved and performing excellently. Today was another great day on Ocean Star!