Location: Statia

Today we were awakened by a rescue diver scenario. Duncan played the part of a panicked diver, while Nick played the part of Duncan’s unresponsive buddy at the bottom. The rescue divers quickly assessed the scene and attended to the divers. Overall, we did a pretty great job considering this was our first underwater scenario, and it was at 7:00 AM. After we put our rescue gear away, we raised the anchor and headed to Gustavia to drop Hannah off so she could take a ferry to the airport. It was hard saying goodbye to one of our favorite crew members, but we are glad that she is going to be able to recover more comfortably at home with her family (Hi Hannah! We love and miss you!) Then we headed into marine biology, where we learned about the deep ocean. It was cool to see and learn about all the unique animals that live too far beneath the surface. When class was over, we quickly started on passage prep to get ready to move to Statia. This was our first student-led passage that didn’t involve any help from the GPS or any other electrical navigation tools. The only things we were allowed to use were the compass, charts, Bretton Plotter, dividers, and a calculator. We used techniques that we learned in MTE class, like running fixes and other navigation tools. We successfully arrived and dropped anchor in Oranje Baai at around 5:30 PM. It was a great passage, thanks to our outstanding navigation crew consisting of Duncan, Evan, Kaitlin, and the rest of our crew! We then showered, ate dinner, and finished the day with OCE!