Location: Ile Fourche

When I stepped on deck this morning and felt the cool breeze of St. Bart’s, I knew it was going to be a good day. After breakfast, we had marine biology, where we learned about the open ocean. When class ended, we began passage prep to Ile Fourche, a small island off the coast of St. Bart’s. It was only about three nautical miles away, so we didn’t get to raise any sails. Although I was quite happy because I got to man the helm the entire time and even anchor us, with only some minor help from Tor. When we arrived, everyone but the divemaster candidates (DMC’s) headed out to do a fun dive. They reported back that they saw a shark, half a dozen stingrays, and a sea turtle. While they were diving, the DMC’s, including myself, dropped down below Ocean Star to test off our skills. There is a list of 24 skills that you must be able to perform with ease to become a divemaster. All of us did very well and officially passed that portion of the testing. When we were done testing, Joaquin and I headed out to do a fun dive in the same spot as everyone else. On our way there, Carolyn informed us that we were going to be the victims in the rescue dive student’s scenario test. Joaquin was the panicked diver while I was the unresponsive diver at the surface. The test is a surprise, and the students have been anticipating it since they began the class. When we got back to the boat, we secretly got into the water and began the scenario. As soon as Joaquin started yelling, Ty, Joni, and Kaitlin instantly jumped into the water to come to save us. They dragged me up onto the dinghy, administered CPR, and got me on emergency oxygen within a few minutes. It was quite impressive.
Today was a fantastic day, but it was also sad. We found out that one of our crew members, Hannah, will be leaving us to head home early. She, unfortunately, she has to be flown home due to illness. Although we would all much rather have her stay, it was decided that she would recover more quickly and comfortably at home. She will be leaving us tomorrow morning, and everyone is quite sad. At dinner tonight, we all shared our best memories we’ve each had with Hannah. Tor also announced that tonight’s class was rescheduled. We are having a little going away party this evening, complete with cake.

Best wishes to Hannah and her family, Ocean Star will definitely miss her.