Location: St. Barths

After a delicious banana pancake breakfast, the crew headed down below for the morning MTE class. Today we learned how to determine our estimated position on a chart! After class, we had much-needed study time to prepare for our third marine biology exam. For lunch, we all went to shore. The majority of us went to the local creperie, where we ate way too much. Once we finished lunch, we met Nick on the dock and headed over to the beautiful Shell Beach. He took us the long way, but we made it eventually! From there, we all swam from the beach to a series of cliffs. We climbed to the top, which was 7 meters, and jumped off! Some of us even got on top of an even higher boulder that was 10 meters and jumped from there! We hung out there for a while with a little boy from London who proceeded to show off for us, spinning as he jumped off the cliffs. Afterward, we swam back to shore and got ice cream just in time to catch the dinghy ride back to Ocean Star. Back on board, we had fish tacos, and then once clean up was completed, we all took our marine biology exam. For dessert, we all headed up on deck for Joako’s chocolate chip birthday cake. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOAQUIN!!! 😀 ) And that’s the end of another wonderful day here on Ocean Star!