Location: Oranjestad, Statia

Today began in a hurry with one of our favorite breakfasts of yogurt, granola, and fruit. After a quick cleanup, we headed to the Golden Rock dive center to do some wreck dives. The first wreck we dove was a big Chinese fishing boat where we saw a giant stingray and several small reef sharks. After about 40 minutes of bottom time, we went back to the dive center to take a break between dives. The next wreck we dove had lots of pieces of sunken vessels, including an old barge, a small fishing boat, and some ship hulls. On that dive, we saw some more stingrays and turtles. After the dive, we came back to ocean star to find taco salad for lunch already completely prepared by Jules. Next, it was time for the practice navstar exam, a two-hour-long test where we must indulge ourselves in the chart of the Chesapeake bay calculating ETA’s, DR’s, distances, currents, and more. After the exam, the rescue divers went over their last round of knowledge reviews while Tina prepared barbecue pulled pork, assorted potatoes, and sweet potatoes, plantains, and salad for dinner. After dinner, we have biology, where we will be watching a documentary.