Location: Saint Eustatius

Today we woke up at the normal time to a yummy breakfast of bacon, eggs, and English muffins. We then headed out to begin the short but beautiful Quill hike, arriving back in town by noon. Some of us set out to find food, some got lost, and others continued the hike further. Luckily we found a restaurant that claimed to have the best burgers; Matt says, “ehh, I’ve had way better.” However, the restaurant had free wifi that we all got to enjoy, so maybe they were the best burgers after all. Once most of our phones died, Steve and Skye went to help Tina provision our food, and the rest of us went to a wonderful supermarket that was filled with brands that we recognize and the food we normally would enjoy back home. Taking our haul of snacks, Kyle, Kylie, Matt, and I walked around town, down to the beach, all while eating ice cream and chugging whipped cream in award-winning amounts of time. Jules, Margaret, and Miranda went to a cafe, and Mari and Claire had lemonade with some Canadians. We ended our day on the town back on the boat with a quick ocean shower and frantically studying for our oceanography test tonight.