Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

The day began as it normally does aboard Ocean Star, with a nice and crisp 7 AM wake up immediately followed by breakfast of yogurt and granola. We then Up anchored and attempted to raise sails in record time for our anticipated 4-hour passage to Saba. Let the record show that as of DAY 65, the student crew of Ocean star was able to raise the mainsail, foresail, and staysail in a time of 16 minutes and 51 seconds. Interestingly, we have been told that the past crew was able to raise all five sails (the first three-plus the jib and the flying jib) in around 8 minutes, meaning we still have a ways to go. After getting sails up, we made our way down to Saba, which took a bit longer than four hours as an unfortunate wind direction meant we had to jib four times and generally make our path of sail several nautical miles longer than it would have been if it were a straight line.

We reached Saba at around 2:30, where we grabbed a mooring and then had the infamous back-to-back Marine Biology and Oceanography. This was followed by a quick shower, dinner of surprise, Tacos, and then Seamanship, where we went over our Practice Nav Master exam. All in all, it was a very academic day, with a nice day sail in the beginning.

Tune in next time to stories of intense studying (regrettably, finals still exist on boats) and a set of dives with Sea Saba!

Captions for Pictures:

1. “Smile.”
2. Alex pointing at the thing he loves most
3. Alex, the meat in a Margaret Sandwich
4. A case of the little known “helmsmen insanity,” in which ironically, helmsmen do not go insane.
5. Skye: “what are you eating?” Margaret, “nom-nom-nom”
6. Don’t look behind you …
7. I finally caught something other than sargassum