Location: Underway to the Perhentians in the Gulf of Thailand

After racing through the night at a mighty 10 knots we finished out our watch as the sun came up with the wind slowly dropping and the hopes of a 200 M day vanishing. Still, after a good breakfast and some quality sleeping time it was up and around for the afternoons activities. It was to be an auspicious day, the first Argo Derby being held with the glitterati out and about and plenty of paparazzi to record the event. Since learning the ins and outs of dead reckoning the crew chose their horses for the big race well maybe not horses, but they did get a piece of bread each so fair’s fair. The competition was fierce, set over an entire length of the mighty Argo, with good weather and completely soggy track underfoot the slices were out to prove a point, Moldy Crust set a good first time but was outstripped by Still Slightly Fresh who in turn was beaten to the podium by I’m Not Really Bread. The winner receiving absolutely nothing except the satisfaction of knowing that thanks to their efforts the students could plot our course and time to arrive in Malaysia! That competition is another story for another day hopefully when we arrive. There were a few tired faces still from a hectic night of assignment work but all were handed in on time. The rest of the afternoon was filled with more science class and some extra sailing knowledge including a somewhat modified MOB drill involving a 6m Bamboo pole?! After a good dinner and sheeting the sails for the night, watch team one has taken control of the deck and we are off to sleep.