Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

We awoke to another beautiful morning here in St. Vincent, made even more beautiful by the news that all of our COVID-19 tests came back negative. We are all very excited to get a chance to now explore St. Vincent and the Grenadines on land as well. Ruth-Riley, Mike, and Steve started off our day with some delicious pancakes and bacon for breakfast. After breakfast, we all took our International Crew Course exam for Seamanship and are now eagerly awaiting the results. The shipmates then headed straight to a marine biology lecture with Steve learning about tropical marine fishes. Pearse and Calum quickly went to land after classes wrapped up for some much needed provisioning.

After enjoying a delicious lunch of coleslaw and chicken, the divers jumped right into the water for some more rescue drills. To avoid the hefty current around the boat, we dropped down to practice some skills underwater. The shipmates practiced more out-of-air scenarios, how to get an unconscious diver to the surface, and how to help various types of distressed divers. Two of our DMTs, Zoe and Isabel, along with Ash and I, would periodically act as an overexerted diver, an out-of-air diver, or a diver panicking and bolting to the surface (without actually bolting for safety reasons). After some practice, each diver was able to identify the problem their ‘victim’ faced and help solve the issue safely. Once back on the surface, a few of the shipmates were able to practice helping panicked divers before the current ripped through again.

The shipmates all got some free time, after diving and helping to sort/put away the provisioning, to study for the upcoming rescue diver exam and work on their literature reviews for oceanography. We had another glorious sunset before our chefs brought out another delicious meal of pasta with ricotta and spinach and a side of roasted cabbage and pumpkin. During our nightly squeeze we learned about everyones happy places. To end another wonderful day on S/Y Ocean Star, the shipmates took their rescue diver exam.

We’re all looking forward to a little time on land to see what St. Vincent has to show us!

Photo 1: Ruth-Riley and Mike excited about the new provisions while they cook a delicious dinner.
Photo 2: Our view of St. Vincent from our mooring.
Photo 3: Shipmates enjoying lunch while looking out for the incoming storm.
Photo 4: Preparing for the storm that never came.
Photo 5: Calum feeling so happy about our new veggies!
Photo 6: The shipmates all coming together to help Calum put away the provisions.