Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 2, 26*42.03' N 18*46.43* W

Ahh ya, I’m back. Today was the first full day of crossing the ocean. The day started with an optional breakfast of yummy cereal. If you didn’t wake up for breakfast, there was a delicious lunch of sweet rice with coconut and chocolate chips (ants on a log). It was fantastic. After lunch cleanup, we went down below to the saloon for OCE presentations. We learned about things like global warming, plastics in the ocean, and ocean acidification. After that, we broke for watches and started the rotation. With four different watch groups and only being on watch for 3 hours, we get 9 hours of sleep… it’s fantastic. At around 6:30 pm, we had pizza for dinner. This pizza was so good; almost everyone had two to three pieces. The entire day was pure sailing which made everything else so much better. We got up to nearly 11 knots and averaged around 8-9, which is a great speed for Argo. The faster we go, the quicker the crossing, and the more we get to see and do in the Caribbean. There’s something about sailing that makes me feel free and fresh. I am ready for tomorrow, and whatever it brings, I’ll be ready.