Location: Underway to Richards Bay, South Africa

After struggling to wake the students (Ruben) up, we had some cereal and rolled into passage prep one more time. It’s nice to see how everyone has gotten the hang of prepping Argo for passage and how much faster it gets every time. Some lashed scuba tanks, some attached halyards, and some made sure our galley and saloon were 40/40 (ready to take on 40 knots at a 40-degree angle), while we all played a fun game of snack Tetris in our personal space. After a 14-day passage where most of us ran out of snacks by day 8, we have learned our lesson and bought an insane amount of snacks this time.

After Argo was ready for passage, we got what we thought to be our last 2 hours of time ashore, which were spent getting even more snacks and our daily ice cream at the “Love Gelateria.” We came back to have some delicious chicken for lunch and were told that after cleanup and marine bio, we would have some more time ashore, which was yet again, spent buying some more ice cream, and taking advantage of the proper showers of the marina.

After our final goodbyes to friends and family, we met up onboard while Argo was being filled with a lot of fuel (500 gallons to be exact) and had dinner and squeeze. We interrupted our cleanup duties after this to help out with fenders while Tim drove Argo out of the dock. While holding the fenders is a one-man job, deflating them took several people sitting on them for a while. We raised the main and forward staysails and went to bed while watch team 4 took on the 9 to 12 watch that started our passage.

Familia, los amo. Hablamos en 10 das 🙂

Current Location: Departing Port Louis, Mauritius