Location: Underway to Richards Bay, South Africa

Hello, blog followers!

We are back on passage and ready for the chaos that we’re going to encounter on this passage! For the past few days, we’ve listened to Tim’s predictions about wave heights and conditions, heard Tina’s stories about the last time she did this passage, and discussed in detail what exactly the next ten days are going to look like for us. For now, though, we’ve enjoyed the sun and calm seas.

Watch team three got up to some antics on the 6-9 am watch this morning, developing a detailed plan for how to invade the island of Reunion, which was off the starboard side of Argo for much of today. Ruben performed a Dutch dance for us and then played epic orchestral music for at least an hour, and Sam P helped us clarify our definition of schlumping (getting comfy enough to sleep on watch) by distinguishing it from stretching which can be seen in the picture.
After today’s lunch of chickpea salad, we gathered in the salon for Marine Bio, during which we watched some of a documentary about fisheries and worked on our essays due tomorrow. We then showered on deck, which was a little chilly after the several days of warm freshwater shore showers we had in Mauritius. Once clean, we stood watch, napped, or studied until Tucker’s wonderful dinner came up on deck (flautas, take two, which everyone appreciated).

The sky has been especially beautiful today, with an amazing sunrise this morning and a beautiful sunset, and a big bright moon during dinner and squeeze. Seeing that reminds me every time to appreciate what a cool thing we’re doing.

Check back again tomorrow for a detailed rundown of yet another passage day: it’s likely to be almost identical, except for the little things-which. As Sam continues to remind us, we will one day understand where the big things all along.

Hi family! Miss you guys and hope everything is good at home! Talk to you in Mauritius!

Coordinates: 02210.89’S 05445.33’E