Location: Underway to Richards Bay, South Africa

Day two underway brings us around 200 miles closer to Richards Bay. Life underway, you settle into a routine, and often, the days blend together, so it is hard to distinguish between them. Today was the same as pretty much every other day we have spent underway. We occupy ourselves by thinking about all the fun things that we have already done and imagining everything we still have ahead. Some constants of life on passage continue to test us, like using the head while the ship heels over 20 degrees or trying to avoid the sheets of water thrown at us while on bow watch. Classes are made much more interesting when we face the constant threat of things being thrown across the salon as Argo heels over, and the chef’s job is made infinitely more difficult. Going through a watertight door is still a daunting task, with the constant fear of the heavy door throwing you into some random bunk constantly weighing in the back of your mind. Another new adjustment is having to wash every scrap of trash, which at first felt quite tedious but is now second nature. Luckily everyone is well adapted to life underway by now. Life during the passage is oftentimes tiring and boring, and it is these small things that will be the most memorable. It is important to appreciate these little things because before we know it, they will become “the big” things.

Coordinates: 02403.64’S 05148.09’E