Location: Underway to Richards Bay, South Africa

Upon the great Ocean’s mercy, extreme wind, pouring gallons of rain, enormous waves, overcast weather, fright within excitement, and laughter within fear. The 31 crew aboard Argo experienced this and much more on the day of the 14th. I remember being woken up by members of watch team #1 and them telling me that I needed to gear up as quickly as I could because they needed me and my watch team’s help in order to perform a jibe. I didn’t think much of it, so geared up and went up on deck. The moment my face peaked on deck, I was instantly greeted with heavy rain and 50-knot winds slapping me in the face as if the ocean was telling me, “wake up.” I remember smiling in fright and excitement, not knowing what to expect. The weather conditions were still increasing, and our watch team (watch team #2) was now spread all over the deck alongside watch team #1 and all the staff members. We all took jobs without question and listened carefully to the staff’s directions on what to do. Once we had finally jibed, watch team #1 was relieved from duty and went down below to try and get some sleep. My watch team was now on duty, and for the first two hours of the watch, the weather conditions remained the same. By the third hour, the conditions were starting to get a little better, and by the time we woke to watch team 3 for their watch, the conditions had improved by a little bit. I remember watch team #3 asking me how the conditions were up on deck and me telling them, “that was probably the best watch I’ve had so far.”

Coordinates: 02551.51’S 04848.37’E