Location: Underway to Civitavecchia

We have left Sardinia, and the students are taking the wheel with our student-led passage! We woke up to a delicious apple crumble with a cake bottom by our lovely head chef Phoebe (one of the best Argo breakfasts so far,) and in a lovely change of events, we put a pause on cleanups so that we could get underway ASAP. As Engineer, I was in charge of starting up our main engine and giving us our last few checks in the engine room while our skipper Maya and first mate Celia took us off anchor and sent us on our way. We continued our normal routine by finishing up the cleanup and getting into watches. Watch team 1 (Gabe, Celia, Drew, Charles, and myself) take a much-needed nap. We had delicious jerk chicken and rice, and after lunch, we did our final oceanography quiz before our exam. To prepare for that exam, we did an awesome jeopardy with Amanda. We rolled back into watches, had a lovely swim in the Mediterranean Sea, did an illegal 360, and had our last daytime watch where we had fun conversations about what we were gonna do after Seamester ended. I did some generator turning on the AC running and finished off the day with Chickpeas for dinner. Its sad that our journey is almost over, but everyone has grown so much, and we are all lifelong friends.