Location: Atlantic Ocean

This morning, we woke up to a surprise; some of our students were swimming, and an 8m whale shark appeared off our stern. It was having fun swimming around and interacting with us. It was great for our students who missed out on seeing one on our previous Whale Shark tour. After breakfast, I did my favorite thing and set off the fire alarm for a pre-departure drill. The students took turns with the fire hose and put out an imaginary fire off the port side. We then went into passage prep mode for our trip to Fernando de Noronha while Freddie went to shore to clear us out. We set sail today around 4:30 pm with a reefed main, both staysails and the jib. Dinner was made by Allie today, and we had chicken sandwiches. I ended dinner with a squeeze; my squeeze question was, “What’s your favorite quote?” My answer is from one of my favorite inspirational speeches. I can’t remember what it is called. Still, it goes, ” Most of us are afraid of the thief that comes in the night to steal all of our things, but there’s a thief inside of your mind that after your dreams, his name is doubt, if you see him, call the cops and keep him away from the kids, doubt is wanted for murder, for doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever did.” I ended up with a rock paper scissors tournament and started my 4-hour watch at 8. Also, to my parents, my phone didn’t work in St. Helena, but it should be in Brazil, that’s why you didn’t hear from me.