Location: St. Barthelemy, Gustavia

A nice (and hot) day it has been indeed. After a full night at anchor just out of reach of St. Barthelemy Harbour, Ocean Star’s crew pulled off a technical stern-to docking. Once safely secured to the dock, we were given leave to explore the town for the afternoon. Being among the wealthiest islands in the Caribbean, Gustavia has plenty of shops and restaurants to discover. In the evening, the whole crew was given a welcome respite from our usual canned galley food as we ate at the famous (to those familiar with Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise”) Le Select grill and bar. Once everyone finished stuffing themselves with delicious burgers and fries, the crew was again given the opportunity to go out on the town, this time to explore the Saturday nightlife or at least some of it because our night ended (not entirely grudgingly) at ten. Definitely stepping into some of the French cultures – or at least for me, returning to some French culture – has been one of the many highlights that makes this already awesome voyage something special.