Location: St. Barthelemy, Gustavia

Today everyone got a chance to experience the surfing scene that St Barths had to offer. We rented three surfboards and headed to a beach on the other side of the island, right next to the airport. Some of the crew had previous surfing experience, but even those brand new to the sport got a nice taste of what surfing life is about. The waves were not huge, which made them great to learn on. The surf died down in the afternoon, and people resorted to lounging on the beach and playing a few games of “bocce rock” (since we had no bocce balls with us). The sun exhausted everyone by about 3 pm, and we began trips back to Gustavia Harbour, where we were docked. Dinner followed showers, and we had a night of MTE class after clean-up. Another beautiful night in St Barths.