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Dearest Gentle Reader,
I’m going to have to start this blog after the squeeze last night. 1st, we got out next booyah. It was Ali who got William out with some sly sneakery. She gracefully tricked him into saying his words by becoming his ally. She and William planned out this whole thing with who the other had to help get the other person out. Ali (sneaky sneaky) said that she had to get out Ted with “I’m a clean boy.” Surprise, surprise, it was actually William who had to say it. Ali told William that she thought William would be able to get Ted out by saying that but in Ted’s accent. William took the little phrase for a test run, and BOOYA, just like that, he was out. So now Ali has William’s person, and it’ll be fun to see what she comes up with because I’ve heard that the phrase William had was really hard.
After that, everyone that wasn’t on the 8 pm-12 am watch set up camp in the Saloon for movie night -which, you guessed it- was Hunger Games. Did we finish the movie last night? No. The snakes who started it without watch team 2 had to rewatch the beginning because everyone on watch team 2 was salty that they started it without us since we’re the ones who started the Hunger Games: Vela Edition. While we were waiting for the Hunger Games to start, a small group of us started to watch 27 Dresses, an iconic film. Toria and I have now started to say “Hola Pedro” to each other in greeting.
Today started bright and early for this skipper at 3:30 am for watch team 2’s watch. We’ve hit the point in our voyage where the time lord (Tom) hasn’t changed time yet (even though we’re in the Galapagonian time zone but geographically under California [which is a different time zone]) so the sun didn’t even start to rise until 7:30 am so we sat in the dark for most of the morning. It was basically an extended version of the 12-4 watch. Just because it was dark doesn’t mean that we didn’t have fun times. About halfway through watch, Cosmo went to go down below for something and saw a B.O.F. (Big Ole’ Fish). It wasn’t a big fish in the sense that it was a tuna that jumped on board, it was actually just your average flying fish, but by flying fish standards, it was huge. Cosmo was scared of the fish, so we had to improvise with the deckie brush to try and push it off of the deck before it became too meddlesome, and Fargo just picked up the B.O.F. and threw it overboard. At ramen o’clock, Morana and I got ourselves some ramen. What time is ramen o’clock, you may ask yourself? It’s the time in the morning at which you want your ramen. At ramen o’clock, we also decided it was fruit o’clock (the same thing as ramen o’clock, just with canned fruit), and by golly, guess what, WE FOUND ANOTHER CAN OF PEACHES!!! It was a good morning indeed. We are thinking, though, that this was the last can of peaches aboard Vela. So while this morning was very nice, it also had turned us towards some dim times indeed (especially because we also only had chili lime shrimp ramen left). There are other canned fruits aboard, of course, but nothing can quite compare to canned peaches.
To speed run this afternoon since the same ole same ole happened:
1. Skylar (head chef) Smash, Magde (sous chef). Lunch- baked ziti (was yum). Dinner- Mango Salsa Chicken (was super yum)
2. Marine Bio
3. VHF
That brings us right up to 3ish-6 watch (this one depends on what time classes actually finished). What happened on the 2-6 watch?
1. We had a mega hair salon day. Steph asked me to do some Dutch braids in her hair, which I happily did. (Aubrey, if you’re reading this, I will braid your hair when I get home). One thing of note to anyone reading this, doing Dutch braids on the deck of a boat while it’s windy-as is pretty hard, but I think that they turned out well. While I was braiding, Cosmo wanted a fresh shave on his noggin. Smash also lined up to get a fresh cut as well.
2. Lee and Gubby ice-picked their way through the mini fridge so that way we actually have usable ice packs on board for emergencies. Lee popped a can of mayonnaise while bludgeoning the ice block (it’s now in a bag in the fridge- interpret that as you will)
3. We actually did some sail handling- which these days feels like a rare occurrence.
Watch over; now it’s dinner time.
1, Pre-dinner Miles got Lexi out in Booya with the phrase “Barf baby.” Lucky for him, there was a squall that we were nearing, and he started talking about seasickness, and he was able to sneak that one in there and get her to say it.
2. Daphne didn’t know that the ring Lee wears around her neck is her grandma… in the sense that it is some of her grandma’s ashes inlaid into the ring. Daphne was holding it, basically cry laughing in surprise at this news. With the reveal of this news, there were questions from the crowd about how many rings can one grandma make. We still don’t have a solid answer.
3. That conversation from the previous somehow led to necrophilia which Carla didn’t know what that was, so we had an informative learning session for some.
4. while we were serving dinner, a squally boi came, and we had to put all of the food down below. Somehow walking around with just a giant bowl of beans in the rain made me laugh like a little child. It wasn’t that funny, but the bowled beans in the rain were about the funniest thing that I think happened to me today. We also had to move dinner down below for a short period of time, too, which is always a real treat.
5. we were back up on deck to finish dinner and do squeeze. The squeeze question was: What is an out-of-pocket squeeze question that you want to ask but never will? Here are some of the following answers
Lee: Would you or would you not put your dead grandma in a ring?
Gubby: Total Drama Island style. Who’s going off of the boat?
Kirby: Honorable mention because his question wasn’t that good, but watching him try to say it was funnier
Daphne: What boat couple is your least favorite and why?
Fargo: Who do you think left the log in the head at the beginning of the trip and didn’t say anything?
Carla: Who would look best in a mankini
Ben: Who’s bed in the fo’c’s’le would you sleep in
There were many more answers (obviously), but that was all I could remember off of the top of my head. To end squeeze, we did a good ole classic squeeze, and then we sang country roads- but just the bit that everyone knows. Dylan later told me that he had just got that song unstuck out of his head and that it was now stuck in his head again 🙂
Overall, we had an interesting day, and it kept me fully entertained, per usual.

Photo Captions
1. Skipper of the Day
2. High End Hair Salon
3. Skids on Ice

If you’re my family reading this from home
1. Happy (late) Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
2. Happy Birthday, Alexis!
3. Hi Aubrey! 🙂
Love and miss you all lots.