Location: BVI

Today was Day 18, and just like the last 17, we had an incredible time. The day could not have started better: chocolate chip pancakes are not something we got to see very often in the Caribbean. To make up for that delicious breakfast, we had about two hours to do Boat Appreciation; 120 minutes, where we enjoyed tidying our bunks, organizing the galley, and scrubbing the deck and hull until they were spotless. In the meantime, Captain Al went to shore to clear customs. When he came back, we were supposed to go to this place called “The Baths,” go back to the boat and have lunch, and then go to dive The Rhone. I would love to tell you more about the Baths, but unfortunately, clearing customs took forever, so we decided to skip the baths in favor of diving at a famous dive site here. We had an unbelievable dive at the Rhone, a 300-foot steamship that sank during a hurricane in 1867. It was the very first wreck dive for the majority of us, and we were not disappointed. This was also the last dive of the trip, but I am sure we are going to remember it for a very long time. To close this great day, the girls baked a cake. I have not had the chance to try it, but it sure smells delicious. Good night.