Location: Roseau, Dominica

It was truly a great day to have a day down here in Dominica. We started the morning with the best Brazilian cheese bread north of the equator, made by our favorite Brazilian, Alexis. We all packed our bags with snacks and rain jackets as we loaded up in a couple of vans and headed for the highly anticipated Boiling lake hike! We were guided through this hike by a fan favorite, Pancho, who sliced and diced us to the boiling lake. The hike was beautiful, leaving us speechless for 9 miles and 8 hours. Along the hike, there were many natural springs that we all took advantage of by filling our water bottles and jumping into. As we reached the valley portion of the hike in the sulfur fields and waterfalls, Pancho showed us how to grab the mud and rub it on our faces to exfoliate our skin/war paint. The hike was breathtaking, and we were all in awe when we reached the boiling lake. When we got back to the base of the hike, some of us bought homemade guava and passionfruit juice to quench our thirst. We all packed back into the busses and were rewarded with a trip to the air-conditioned supermarket, where we all had a field day and grabbed as many snacks and drinks as we could. We made our way back to Ocean Star with a million grocery bags filled with ice cream, body wash, and plenty of candy. We finished the day with another unreal dish of Gyros made by Alexis, Carly, and Aidan. Spirits are high here on Ocean Star, but everyone is exhausted as the kiddos went to bed early with a big day 50 on deck for tomorrow! The sun was chirping, the birds were shining, and the rain was wet, but wow, life is good here on day 49. We’ll see you all in a month. Thanks so much for reading, and have a great rest of your week!
Best, CG

Photo 1: Group shot in front of the boiling lake
Photo 2-5: Somewhere in the trek up or back from the boiling lake
Photo 6: Steph, Heather and Drew at the boiling lake
Photo 7-18: More from our trek up and back
Photo 19: Post-hike snack stock up
Photo 20-26: more trekking
Photo 27: Joyful Steph