Location: St. Martin - Statia

Today started out with early wake ups and quick sail and anchor raises. This was done very well and before we knew it we were rounding St. Martin and stearing a course to Statia. Breakfast and lunch were both served underway and were very tasty. On course to Statia we tossed up the fisherman to boost our speed. A good time was had by all on the beautiful sail through the Caribbean waters. We passed the intense peaks of Saba on our starboard side and joked that there must be undiscovered beasts living on the island. It looks very similar to the island in Jurasic Park. When approaching Statia we had to navigate our way through massive oil tankers before dropping sails and anchor just past them. Statia is known for the incredible amount of oil that they hold. We quickly flaked sails and rolled into a quick BA. After this was done we had dinner which was spaghetti and vegetable sauce. The sunset was a great one with the silhouette of a massive oil tanker just to the side of the setting sun. Later on we have an OCB class followed by early bed for all. Tomorrow we plan to hike up Statia.