Location: St. Martin

Early morning today as we all woke up at 5:20 to catch the sun rising on Ile Forche. It was a little slow to start wake-ups, nobody is used to being woken up two hours early. But once every zombie had risen from their bunks, we lowered the dinghies into the water and set of for the coast of Ile Forche. Following a small hike to the summit of maybe 200 meters, we sat and awaited the rising of the sun. The projected time from the Nautical Almanac of when the sun would appear on the horizon was 6:06 A.M., but there was a small cloud cover in the distance. We all found places to sit, and watched as rays of light began to appear over the clouds. 15 minutes after the projected time the sun began to appear through the clouds, and then finally arose from behind them. This was the first sunrise we had all shared together, making it a special event. Afterwards we headed back to Ocean Star, ate breakfast, and got ready to set sail for St. Marten. The sails went up as the anchor was being hauled in, and we were off. Just after noon we arrived at our destination, dropped the anchor once again, and flaked the sails. The rest of the day was spent leisurely, some going to shore and others remaining to relax. Although we had to awaken a few hours early this morning, it was one of the most magnificent views that people could share together.