Location: Ille Forche

Awesome day today of all around fun. We woke up docked at St Barths, and after a visit from divers to uncross our anchor, we were out of the harbor sailing. It felt good to have the breeze run through our hair and be out on the water again after a couple days docked on shore. We shook off all the “shore funk” with sailing drills on our way to Ile Forche. Watch teams traded off between manning the helm and the main, the foresail and the head sails; practicing tacking, jibing and even a man overboard drill. As soon as we had anchored at Ile Forche and eaten lunch we set out diving our last research dives. The water was refreshing after our fun in the sun and the reef we dove was fairly cool as well. John, Devin, James and I all saw some very cool aquatic life, including barracudas, groupers, an orange phase white spotted file fish and a stingray. After the dives we didn’t have any class so everyone got a change to relax and chill out, which is always welcome here in the Caribbean. Beats cooked up another good dinner as well, this time some deluxe baguette sandwiches. After dinner we’ll be watching the Life Aquatic which should be even more enjoyable since we’ve seen some of the Jacques Cousteau. Bill Murray is always a blast so it should be a good time. All in all today was a great day, but we have to make sure we get a good nights sleep as we’re doing a sunset hike in the morning.