Location: Paradise

After a late night and early morning of studying we had our first oceanography quiz (which we all aced of course because professor Stevenson is the best teacher anyone of us have ever had, he’s also very good looking and an exceedingly good conversationalist . We then headed out on the dinghies for another full day on Grenada. Once we stepped ashore some went provisioning, others shopped at the market and the rest ate delicious pesto pizza. The highlight of the afternoon was the beach. White sand and a turquoise shore shining beneath a cloudless sky. To the left is a strip of endless beach, to the right pastel houses sit amidst the green mountains, and straight ahead boats bob back and forth in the bay. I dove into the water with my wooden goggles suctioned to my face. I started swimming, staring down at the sand and the occasional fish. The next time I lifted my head Shanley and Alex were mere dots in the distance. Ahead of me the waves danced in the sunlight before they gently crashed onto the shore. What an afternoon under the golden sun-speaking of golden it’s Stephanie’s golden birthday today! Once in a lifetime occurrence. To celebrate we had a super fun test followed by yummy (and messy) chocolate cake. Salemat tidur!