Location: Prickly Bay

Today was another fun day in the sun. After our marine biology and oceanography classes, we headed off to Grand Anse Bay for some hobie sailing carnage. Hobies are double hulled sail boats which are a blast to whip around. Watch team one split up between watch teams two and three and we held relay races. We all had a chance to sail into the wind, practice tacking and then be running on the way back. Afterwards, everyone had shore time and we got a chance to chill out on the beach and catch some rays. Myself, John, James, Devin and Ryan all got a chance to get a little more sailing with Kris, Jack and Stephanie as well. Pushing those sailboats is a blast, especially when they’re precariously close to flipping over. Now, after dinner, we’re preparing for an MTE class and sailing to Ile Ronde tomorrow morning. It’s crazy to think that we’ve sailed as far south as we’re going to go, and now we are beginning our journey north again. Everyone is looking forward to some sweet dive sites though, and a chance to get back in the waves.