Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Another skipper day in the books. And today, I even got the pleasure of cleaning the saloon- oh boy, is it in ship shape. This morning we enjoyed a very pleasant motor over from the Saints and anchored in Guadeloupe. During the petite sail, we were enamored by Kiki’s lovely leadership presentation. The discussion of the day surrounded the impact and importance of belonging to a community. There were some very insightful things said, but when class is on deck, it can be easy to get lost in the beauty of the island that passes by. We followed that with marine biology learning about everything coming from the deepest depths of the ocean.

We got really good at raising and lowering the anchors today. The usual anchor-raising shenanigans went down not once but twice! Before getting to enjoy the hot spring waterslide on shore, we had to do a little cleaning of the galley. The Tupperware pit, or “the void,” was where most of my efforts were spent. There have definitely been better smells. It was totally worth it for the shore time with an opportunity to practice my very broken French. Those seven years have been put to good use. Clara spotted me for an absolutely scrumptious bread thing, avec chocolat. We very much enjoyed our short time in the simultaneously hot and cold water. The hot water stayed on top because of density, of course. Also, chicken fights a certified classic. We got back to the boat and had our exquisite dinner concocted by none other than Chef Sam. Then it was my turn to come up with the squeeze question. I hadn’t thought of it beforehand, so I went with “What is your favorite article of clothing?”. The answers were pretty chill. We like our sweatshirts and cool jeans. But the real kicker came after the answers. I just had to end squeeze by starting a game of down by the banks. It was so funny because we all had played different versions of the same game. The first round consisted of everybody singing a different song from when we had all played as kids. As the rounds kept going, some of the non-hankey-pankey singers began to catch on. Definitely a silly time. Also, unrelated, got to spot two dolphins swimming together right as sunset. For sure a highlight of the trip.

Love to the fam, as always
Love to all the other fams too. Could never forget you guys

peace out, yo