Location: Pigion Islnd, Guadalupe

Today started off at 7 am as usual. The crew of Ocean Star woke up, eyes heavy with exhaustion but alight with excitement for the new day. After a delicious breakfast of banana bread, mango bread, and yogurt, we split into two groups. One group had a navigation class in Seamanship, while the other group enjoyed a gorgeous dive at a nearby reef. The groups switched, and we all got to enjoy the beauty of the ocean around us through diving.

After lunch, we had oceanography. We had a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion about pollution and plastics; it definitely prompted me to think a bit harder about my plastic consumption, and its the environmental impact.

Then, people who needed to make up dives completed those, and people starting the rescue diver course completed their first session in the water.

After diving, we had dinner, did a cleanup, and enjoyed some free time before going to bed. Overall, another good day on Ocean Star.