Location: Underway to Mauritius

Another day on the Indian Ocean is drawing to a close as we sail on towards a beautiful sunset. After two days of intermittent rains everyone aboard was happy to awaken to sunny skies and steady winds. We passed a huge milestone in our journey today as we crossed the halfway mark on our 2317 nautical mile journey between Cocos Keeling and Mauritius. As our crew has gained proficiency sailing and settled into the simple routine of passage life it has become easy to forget the magnitude of our undertaking. Looking at this evenings position plot on the chart, smack dab in the middle of the ocean, is an exiting reminder of our endeavor and fills the boat with a sense of accomplishment. In academic life students received back their latest oceanography exams, gave one minute impromptu presentations in student leadership development, and those seeking their professional skippers license got serious about studying maritime law. Despite the other exciting events onboard today, the highlight of everyone’s day was the food! Halle, John and Griffin made two stellar meals, fried chicken and French fries for lunch and fantastic pizzas for dinner. Now we are settling in, with full stomachs, for another beautiful night of sailing under starry skies.